The Residential Treatment Program is approximately 28 days long and is offered to clients sixteen years of age and older who are experiencing problems with substance use and/or concurrent disorders.


In order to be considered for admission to this program, the following will be required:


  • All potential clients must be assessed using provincially standardized Assessment and Discharge Criteria and Assessment Tools. In the Cochrane district please contact: South Cochrane Addiction Services or North Cochrane Addiction Services. Elsewhere, please contact the Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment Agencies in Ontario at 1-800-565-8603 or contact a Ministry funded addiction services agency near you.


  • All individuals seeking admission are required to have a Medical form fully completed by a physician,, nurse or nurse practitioner and returned to us either prior to or immediately following the above step. Otherwise, the admission process will not proceed further. The completed medical form may be faxed, mailed or couriered.

Medication, Medical Aids, Prosthetic Devices and other Medical Accessories

  • All clients planning to enter Residential Treatment while taking medications must complete and return a Psychoactive Medication Tracking Sheet and Over-the Counter Medication Tracking Sheet prior to the admission date.

  • The use of such medication will be discussed prior to confirming admission and only approved medications will be allowed.

  • All medication(s) must be brought in their original container(s) indicating the client`s name, physician`s name, medication name, dose and the frequency of administration.

  • Clients should bring enough medications to cover the complete duration of the 28 day treatment cycle.

  • Clients requiring the use of medical aids, prosthetic devices and other medical/diagnostic accessories or supplies such as glucometers, bandages, gauzes, crutches ,blood pressure monitors, etc… should ensure sufficient stock for the duration of their stay.

Sometimes, client medication regimes change prior to the admission date. In such cases, it is the client`s responsibility to provide an updated medical form explaining any discrepancy with information previously provided. Failure to do so will result in delayed or cancelled admission to the program.

Ontario Health Card, Social Benefits Cards, Disability Pension Cards, Aboriginal Status Cards, Health and Welfare Benefit Cards, etc…

  • In the event that clients could become ill and require medical, social, dental and/or other professional attention beyond what Jubilee Centre normally provides, it is important that clients bring all above mentioned cards.

Telephone Calls

  • Due to the compressed time frame involved and intensity of the treatment program, telephone calls are limited.

  • On the day of arrival, clients will be permitted to make one (5 minute) supervised call to inform significant other(s) of safe arrival. Thereafter, clients may make one (10 minute) supervised phone call to significant other(s) at the following times;

  1.  Once a week. Timing to be discussed at pre-admission interview.

  2.  Fourth Tuesday in treatment: all evening to arrange travel arrangements to return home.

  • Telephone calls should not interfere with scheduled activities. Long distance calls are at the client`s own expense therefore clients wishing to place long distance calls are encouraged to bring a telephone card or to make collect calls.


  • Due to the compressed time frame involved and intensity of the treatment program, visitation is not permitted at any time during the client`s course of stay.

Money & Valuables

  • Jubilee Centre is not responsible for money and other personal property that are lost, stolen or damaged. Clients are advised not to bring large sums of money or other items of value.  Clients would be wise to bring only the bare essentials in terms of money, valuables and other personal items.

  • Money will be required for personal spending and coin laundry. Smokers will need more cash. Bring bank cards for convenience

  • Borrowing and lending of money and personal items is strongly discouraged as is buying and selling. Such behaviors inevitably lead to disputes, which are counter-productive to the therapeutic milieu.

Restricted/ Prohibited Items

  • The possession, trafficking and/or use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

  • Any form of audio/visual equipment is prohibited. Radios, recorders, cell phones, cd players and reading materials are restricted, these will be stored in safe keeping and returned once treatment is completed.

  • Items that contain alcohol such as aftershave lotion, perfume and mouthwash are restricted. We strongly suggest these items be left at home; if not, they will be stored in safe keeping for monitored use only and returned once treatment is completed.

  • Clothing items containing alcohol and/or drug related symbols or slogans or items otherwise containing offensive or derogatory symbols or slogans are strictly prohibited and must be left at home.

  • The wear of hats, hoods, bandanas, scarves and the such are restricted inside the building but may be worn outside.

  • Perfumes and other scented items are forbidden at the Jubilee Centre:  a scent free treatment Centre.


  • Incoming and outgoing clients are responsible for their own transportation. The Centre is located approximately 2 km from the bus terminal (approx. $7 cab fare, one way) and 12 km from the airport (approx. $20, one way)

Personal Hygiene

  • Daily bath or shower and clean clothing is an integrated and important part of the treatment program. Clients are responsible for their personal hygiene items such ass soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc…


  • Clothing need only to be clean, neat and practical. Casual clothes are quite acceptable. Dress according to the season. Clothes that are revealing or provocative are neither practical nor acceptable in a co-ed therapeutic milieu. Such items will be confiscated upon arrival and returned upon departure. Better yet, leave such items at home.

  • For health/safety reasons, slippers/shoes must be worn at all times.

  • Jubilee Centre is a smoke free agency; there is however a desinated smoking area outside the building.

Alcohol/Drug Screening

  • In order to maintain a safe and secure therapeutic treatment milieu, clients must consent to random Alcohol/Drug screening while in treatment.

Confirmation of Admission/Attendance

  • Once all assessment information is reviewed, the agency will endeavor to contact clients and/or referral sources promptly and advise as to the status of admission.

  • Once admission is confirmed by the agency, clients must confirm their attendance one week prior to the confirmed admission date. Failure to do so could result in a cancelled admission.


N.B. Information herein is subject to change without notice. In case of discrepancy, please contact the agency directly.