An independent, not-for-profit organization, OTN is funded by the Government of Ontario. It offers solutions geared towards healthcare organizations and professionals that allow them to help their clients.

OTN is a leader in telemedicine and provides help to Ontarians in order to get more specialized services wherever they live and wherever OTN screening is available, such as at the Jubilee Centre. The Ontario Telemedicine Network system uses modern technology to streamline health care. It expands the way knowledge is shared and refines the way healthcare professionals communicate and interact with clients and with each other.

The OTN is all about convenience, efficiency and independence.

Services Offered by the OTN:

Providing knowledge through

  • Videoconferences for professionals

  • Personal videoconferences for individuals, which brings the professionals to their location (When clients located in Northern Ontario can’t physically access the health care they need, telemedicine bridges the gap.)

  • Offers professional support through a team of professionals (Empowering patients to manage their disease or condition at home)

If you are from an agency with a client that needs addiction and concurrent disorders treatment & recovery, we can perform the OTN at the Jubilee Centre. Your client can then make sure he/she gains access to the most appropriate program. We can also provide education and help other agencies have access to the appropriate resources. For example, we can help your client get a psychiatrist appointment where without the OTN he/she wouldn’t have access.

Get more information about the OTN here: The OTN Website