If you have decided to embark upon the journey towards recovery through our residential program, here are some guidelines as to what to bring & what not to bring to treatment…

What to Bring

            …and what NOT to Bring to Treatment




What to Bring

Clothing: Bring clean, neat and practical clothing. Casual clothes are quite acceptable. Dress according to the season.

Slippers/ Indoor Shoes: For health/safety reasons, slippers/shoes must be worn at all times.

Personal Hygiene Products: Clients are responsible for their personal hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.… Daily bath or shower and clean clothing are an integrated and important part of the treatment program.

Money: Bring money for personal spending, transportation to and from the centre and coin laundry. Smokers will need more cash. Bring your bankcard for convenience. Borrowing and lending money and personal items is strongly discouraged as is buying and selling.


noWhat Not to Bring

Provocative Clothes: Clothes that are revealing or provocative are neither practical nor acceptable in a co-ed therapeutic milieu. Such items will be confiscated upon arrival and returned upon departure. Better yet, leave such items at home.

Valuable Property:

Jubilee Centre is not responsible for money and other personal property that are lost, stolen or damaged. Clients are advised not to bring large sums of money or other items of value. Clients would be wise to bring only the bare essentials in terms of money, valuables and other personal items.

Drugs & Alcohol:

The possession, trafficking and/or use of alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.


Any form of audio/visual equipment is prohibited. Radios, recorders, cell phones, cd players and reading materials are restricted, these will be stored in safe keeping and returned once treatment is completed.

Items with Alcohol:

Items that contain alcohol such as aftershave lotion, perfume and mouthwash are restricted. We strongly suggest these items be left at home; if not, they will be stored in safekeeping for monitored use only and returned once treatment is completed.

Offensive Clothing:

Clothing items containing alcohol and/or drug related symbols or slogans or items otherwise containing offensive or derogatory symbols or slogans are strictly prohibited and must be left at home.

Hats & Bandanas:

The wear of hats, hoods, bandanas, scarves and such are restricted inside the building but may be worn outside.

Perfumes & Scents:

Perfumes and other scented items are forbidden at the Jubilee Centre:  a scent free treatment centre.

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