In a supportive, caring and client centered environment, clients are empowered to achieve a more balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Key components of our clinical services include individual and group counseling, educational sessions, inter-active workshops, peer group sessions, group and individual assignments, relaxation therapy and integrated life skills, among others.


1) RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT: This treatment is designed for male and female Ontarians aged 16 and over with a long history of severe and persistent co-occurring addiction and mental health problems, including court-mandated individuals and clients usually refused admission to other programs because of psychotropic medication use. Typically, clients have multiple and complex clinical/social and other related needs which often remains unmet through programs of lesser intensity and structure, such as Day treatment. Click here for more info.

2) DAY TREATMENT: For male & female Ontarians aged 16 and over with Concurrent Disorders, or Addiction problems who require more than a few brief sessions/week (brief therapy) but, care which is less intrusive than residential (bedded) services. Typically, client have moderate clinical/social needs and a moderate history of health/social problems. Click here for more info.

3) EVENING TREATMENT: For male & female Ontarians aged 16 and over with Concurrent Disorders, or Addiction problems who have accessed services within the system and still require a semi-structured approach to maintaining recovery goals. Click here for more info.

4) SAFE BED/ CRISIS TREATMENT: Eligible Clients for Safe Bed Care are Males and females over the age of 16, mainly from Timmins but also from other areas. With a mental health crisis or relapse and/or in actual or emergent addiction crisis and/or in conflict with the criminal justice system. Click here for more info.

5) MAINTENANCE TREATMENT/ CONTINUING CARE: The Maintenance Program is held once a week for ten weeks. The program is open therefore clients can enter at any time.  The program is offered to clients sixteen years of age and over who have already completed a residential, day, or any community treatment program. The program is designed to assist clients maintain their recovery with substance use and/or concurrent disorders. Click here for more info.


Our Resources

Our most valuable and effective resources lie in the professional and dedicated individuals who strive to help our clients overcome life`s challenges. Staff constantly monitor and evaluate the gains made by clients throughout treatment and upon completion, through established linkages with other service providers. we adhere to the values of respecting one`s dignity, recognition of individual needs, the right to safety, confidentiality, informed consent and quality of care.

For more information regarding referral and admission criteria, please call (705)268-2666