Philosophy and Values

Jubilee Centre was founded on humanitarian values- that spirit is alive and well today. The treatment philosophy is eclectic and incorporates a wide range of evidence-based cognitive-behavioural approaches. We view harm-reduction and abstinence as one, at different intervals along the same continuum of care. We believe that individuals are more likely to make positive lifestyle changes if they are offered a variety of treatment options with which they can identify and are comfortable.

We adhere to the values of respecting one`s dignity, recognition of individual needs, the right to safety, confidentiality, informed consent and quality of care. Our philosophy and values play a central role in assuring a high standard of care and is a key element in the recovery of our clients. Staff uphold the dignity of each client, respect the client`s right to choose their own treatment goals, encourage client input in their treatment plan and respect and accept cultural, linguistic and lifestyle diversity and individuality.

Integrated Treatment Model

At Jubilee, the treatment model attempts to illustrate to clients how irrational beliefs and thought processes negatively affect our everyday attitudes and behaviours. Clients are shown how this relates to the life problems they are experiencing and are exposed to the principals of a rational belief system and thought process, which motivates them to achieve optimal health in the different aspects of their lives.

Individual treatment plans are mutually agreed to with each client, based on clearly  defined criteria, needs, learning style, problems, relationships and circumstances.  Treatment services build on the client`s strengths, encouraging all clients to assume personal responsibility for their recovery and continued maintenance of a healthy, fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.  Assuring timely access to services in a well-coordinated and integrated system optimizes treatment progress and client outcomes. Positive treatment outcomes at Jubilee are maximized through effective linkages with hospital, community-based and consumer-run services through both formal and informal partnerships.

In a supportive, caring and client-centered environment, clients are empowered to achieve a more balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Innovation and Quality Improvement

Jubilee Centre believes that ongoing innovation and quality improvement are hallmarks of excellence in the provision of client services. To ensure that programming meets a high standard of excellence, Jubilee employs evidence-based treatment approaches that are proven, effective methods of service delivery. Treatment programming is evaluated and improved on an ongoing basis and Jubilee is constantly in search of new and innovative ways of delivering quality treatment services.

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